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Lesia Holoiad
Youth Congress of Zboriv City Council


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Drama and theatre
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We are a consultative and advisory youth body in the Zboriv Territorial City Community. We have 52 participants from different glasses and institutions in the community. We are operating in 2019 and have already implemented 5 grants and more than 34 initiatives. We work at the city council and in our work we actively work with the authorities, we are a member of the All-Ukrainian Association of Youth Councils. We provide training for young people in the community. We have 5 committees: on culture, on sports, on media, on volunteering and on project management. - Facebook

Experience in the implementation of educational projects aimed at young people

2019 - opening of the youth center, implementation of 3 information events, holding 6 events 2020 - implementation of a grant (filming), holding 12 initiatives, action 2021 - implementation of a social grant, holding 15 community events, training and opening interest clubs Main goals 2022: - introduction of reception of youth by representatives of the Congress according to the schedule: rendering of consultations, lobbying of questions of youth policy, the help in writing of projects for youth, dialogue with the power; - work with the deputy corps - resumption of work of clubs in the villages of the community; - large-scale summer patriotic project for young communities; - meetings of young people with business representatives, famous people, opinion leaders; - recording a podcast on youth issues and topics; - field camps and events in the villages of Zboriv community.


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