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The Vilnius Antakalnis Progymnasium is located close to the centre of the capital of Lithuania: next to the Sapieha Palace Park, one of the oldest parks in Vilnius, which boasts it own history. Today the progymnasium has 92 teachers and 1,130 pupils, the number of other staff is about 30 people. Recently, due to the situation in the world, the increased focus is placed on the application of information technologies in the teaching process; school teachers are regularly involved in remote training seeking to improve their teaching professional competencies and successfully implement them in the educational process. Teachers improve attractiveness of learning by conducting lessons in non- traditional environments, applying modern methods of teaching, participating in project and visiting activities and sharing experiences. After lessons, pupils are engaged in designing by applying the tools of new technologies - laser scanners, manufacture products, practipe sports, act on the stage, sing, dance and so on. Our pupils give concerts, take part in exhibitions, enter and win competitions and olympiads. Participation in programs such as Erasmus + and STEAM contributes to broadening knowledge, gaining new experiences, improvement and development of skills of our pupils. The progymnasium is open to a dialogue: seeking to provide pupils with education that meets modem needs, the progymnasium closely cooperates with the country's schools in the field of organizing and improvement of the educational process; organizes multi-thematic events for the school community; school teachers are provided with the opportunity to complete pedagogical intership under the guidance of students of domestic and foreign higher education institutions.

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