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VsI "Veiklus Zmogus" (Active Human) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation promoting self-empowerment and personal development of young people at the local, national and international level through non-formal education methods, dances, sport and active participation activities. Organising creativity, youth initiatives, and active citizenship projects and participate in National and European Union education programs. Young people participating in the activities of our organisation participate in international cooperation projects, exchanges, training. We organised international events in the field of sport and culture. We also organize the process of youth employment and education through sport. We organise conferences, seminars, presentations, workshops, discussions, sports competitions, dance events, cultural events, workshops and youth initiatives projects for our organisation members and youth at local/national/international level. Also, we organise Sports programs, Dance activities, Events, Camps, Outdoor programs, Environmental and healthy living programs and events, ecological awareness activities. The organisation uses non-formal education methods and other educational tools in its activities. Also organises educational leisure for young people to motivate young people to participate to the activities of non-governmental organizations actively. We are implementing different local and international projects which aim at increasing personal development and promotion of volunteer work. Our organisation wants to encourage youth initiatives by young people - we support them by providing information, tools, and training to help them get their goals. Also, we organise long term projects for the social inclusion of young people with lower skills and fewer opportunities and to develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people. In the long run aims and perspective, we intend to strengthen the field of international cooperation between young people for intercultural dialogue, intercultural learning, networking and active civil society.

Experience in the implementation of educational projects aimed at young people

We cooperate with several institutions and organizations in the field of youth and we organize workshops, events for young people regarding cultural and creative activities. VsI "Veiklus Zmogus" (Active Human) gives particular attention to Youth. The organization supports them with mentoring and creates opportunities for them to participate in exhibitions, workshops and exchange of experience in Lithuania and abroad. Experience of the organisation VsI "Veiklus Zmogus" in the areas that are relevant for this application and will contribute to all stages of the project: - preparation, realization, dissemination and exploitation of projects? results - Cultural and creativity initiatives activities at the local, national and international level. - selection and full preparation of the participants at the local and regional level - social research activity, in order to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the current situation in the local context - organization of training workshops and activities to improve the level of personal and social empowerment of young people Our association aims to develop projects related to the entrepreneurial spirit of young people in selfexpression, self-development, cultural and creativity ideas connected with youth entrepreneurship skills, so the good practices of the project will be included in our future youth work. One of our organization VsI "Veiklus Zmogus" (Active Human) most famous event in dance and culture is street dance event: "BLACK & WHITE Dance Session" that have been organized already for 10 years and implemented 17 big dance events. The link to the event facebook page:


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