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Donbas State Pedagogical University is an educational, scientific and cultural leader of the East of Ukraine, which implements the state innovative policy in the field of education in accordance with market requests and trends in digital society of the 21st century, guided by universal and national values, principles of democracy and European integration, and creates conditions for the formation of highly educated, competitive specialists with an active civic position, patriots of Ukraine. The mission of the university is to form and increase the intellectual, creative and spiritual potential of a person and community. At the university, the training of specialists is carried out according to the relevant educational-professional, educational-scientific and scientific programs at the following levels of higher education, which provide for the awarding of the corresponding degree of higher education: the first – Bachelor’s Degree, the second – Master’s Degree, the third – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), the fourth (scientific level) – Doctor of Science. Donbas State Pedagogical University plays a leading role in the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel. In particular, the university has two specialized academic councils: D 12.112.01 (in the specialties 13.00.01 – General Pedagogy and the History of pedagogy, 13.00.04 – Theory and Methodology of Professional Education, 13.00.05 – Social Pedagogy) and K 12.112.02 (in the specialties 09.00.03 – Social Philosophy and Philosophy of History, 09.00.05 – History of Philosophy). There are doctoral studies in 2 specialties and postgraduate studies in 10 specialties. There are 7 faculties and 27 departments in Donbas State Pedagogical University: Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, Philological Faculty, Faculty of Primary, Technological and Professional Education, Pedagogical Faculty, Faculty of Special Education, Faculty of Physical Education, Faculty of Humanitarian and Economic Education. In 2020, the Ukrainian-Polish International Center of Education and Science was established at the university. There are 26 cooperation agreements with foreign organizations. There are 7 scientific laboratories, 6 scientific advisory centers and 3 resource centers in the university. In 2021, the Regional GCIP Accelerator for Innovations, Technologies and Startups in Donetsk region was established at the university (with the support of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization).

Experience in the implementation of educational projects aimed at young people

- International Summer School "Across disciplines: How to study in an Interdisciplinary framework" (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland); - Winter Scool "Introduction to Doctoral School of Exact Studies" (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland); - Summer School "Interdisciplinary Study in Humanities" (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland); - Practice of Students (Fundation "Porta Vitae", Poland); - "Ukraine - EU: intercultural communication in education"; - "European practices of media education"; - "Development of the potential of training foreign language teachers on Ukraine's path to the implementation of multilingual education and European integration"; - "Academic counteraction to hybrid threats" (under the EU Erasmus+ Program); "Strengthening displaced Ukrainian universities for sustainable development" (Fulbright Program in Ukraine, US Embassy in Ukraine), etc.


Henerala Batiuka street, 19

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