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Ms Piguleviciene Indre
Senieji Trakai Kestutis basic school





Senieji Trakai Kestutis Basic school is located in Senieji Trakai which is a historic Lithuanian village located 3 kilometers east of Trakai. The school is Basic and we have classes till l0th grade. The school has a bit more one hundred students and twenty teachers. The school is small, but it has strong community. The school organizes traditional events such as Family Day, Young Talent Competition, Advent evenings, Christmas Fair, etc. We also organize non-traditional learning days where children leam in a different environment.

Experience in the implementation of educational projects aimed at young people

Our organizations met last year during the exchange with PLFWM. We found ourselves well in this type of project. This year, we want to bring our Polish colleagues the legacy of the Romantic era in our country in Lithuania. There will be a lot about Mickiewicz for sure. We will also prepare a cultural evening about Lithuania in the 19th century, we will also bring the works of our artists from that era. We are in contact with the Polish group and their supervisors so that the program of our meeting complies with the program criteria and is attractive for our groups.


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Senieji Trakai

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