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Our gymnasium is a public secondary school located very close the Lithuanian and Belarusian border in southeastern Lithuania. We include primary school, basic level and secondary school level. We also have an Early Start Pre-school catering for girls and boys (4-7 years) with 330 students, 41 teachers and administrative staff. As for the facilities our school offers, there is an ICT room, an enriched school library, a gym and open-air sport fields, a chemistry lab, a student dormitory, and a refectory. There are often educational activities arranged in and outside the school based on literary, historical, and philosophical subjects which provide the students with opportunities of self- improvement as well as scientific research projects based on Maths, Science and technology. We work with students who are very diverse both culturally and linguistically. Embracing the uniqueness of children in their preparation as lifelong learners, our school provides an integrated curriculum, emphasizing high expectations, active learning. Within our small class environment, students are challenged to reach their individual potentials. Our goal is to work together with parents to help our students learn, grow and develop to their full potential academically, socially, physically, and emotionally. Our institution is located in a rural and underdeveloped because of that the students and teachers take an active part in after school activities. We aim to prepare pupils for their future life and to prevent school absence by using their free time and putting families, friends, surrounding society and school staff in general that teen's education is really complete. Our traditional events such as "The evening of songs", "The honor of the gymnasium' or "Family day" help us to achieve main role of every school, to prepare the citizens of the future that must have critical thinking and soft nowadays abilities (except all the Knowledge backups that a school gives). The best way to achieve this is through giving the opportunities for new experiences to learn how to cooperate with different culture's people. Napisz do:

Experience in the implementation of educational projects aimed at young people


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