Powiatowy Zespół Obsługi Szkół i Placówek Oświatowych
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Powiatowy Zespół Obsługi Szkół i Placówek Oświatowych


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The PZOSiPO fulfils the role of the Education Department by supporting schools subordinate to the Giżycko Poviat and by performing tasks commissioned by the Poviat Board. In addition to its typically administrative work, the institution organises sports and cultural events for young people. It writes and implements many projects from EU funds for schools (infrastructural projects such as the construction of a gymnasium or so-called soft projects which include teacher training, festivals, competitions, international student exchanges and international meetings of various professional groups). In 2022, the institution co-organised the stay of refugees from Ukraine in the Giżycko district and the organisation of education for Ukrainian children. To date, the refugees for whom the institution provides care are staying in the dormitories of district schools, including co-organising various events for the children.

Experience in the implementation of educational projects aimed at young people

Interreg LT-PL-4R-296 "Cooperation a success in therapy" Interreg LT-PL-5R-380 "Sport for all" Erasmus+Sport "Sport without barriers" Sport without barriers Remote school - support for the National Educational Network in the system of distance learning Erasmus+Strategic Learning Partnership Giżycko County - City of Alytus Erasmus+ Synergy for NEETs and dual education SOREs work in schools - a new model for in-service teacher training in Giżycko County Interreg Lithuania-Poland "Let's learn from each other". Activation of neighbourhood communities through the development of sports infrastructure and other educational activities Vocational training in the cross-border region - basis for business development Modernisation and expansion of vocational training facilities. Modernisation of training in the catering and hotel industry in the district of Giżycko Modernisation and extension of vocational training establishments - Modernisation of training in IT professions at the Complex of Electronic and IT Schools in Giżycko Modernisation and extension of vocational training establishments. Modernisation of vocational training at the Complex of Environmental Management and Agribusiness Schools in Giżycko Development of infrastructure and cooperation in the field of sport and education Towards the pupil - development programmes for vocational schools in the district of Giżycko Cooperation in vocational training between schools and institutions in Giżycko County and Alytus Proffesimo Rengimo Centras Project "Revalidation of children and young people with intellectual disabilities from Giżycko County" Energy programme in partnership with the municipality of Alytus (Lithuania) Summer thematic camps Leonardo da Vinci project Cooperation between schools in the rural district of Giżycko and the central district of Kaliningrad Creation of a School Centre for Polish-Russian Cooperation in Ryn Creation of a Cisco computer network laboratory Modernisation of the district practical training centre


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