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National University of Ukraine on Physical Education and Sport (NUUPES) is a recognized main educational and scientific centre for physical education and sport in Ukraine, combining personnel training, fundamental and applied scientific research, creating favourable conditions for learning and sports training for members of Ukraine's national teams, multifaceted international cooperation with similar centres in different countries, and experience in implementing international educational and scientific projects. NUUPES is the largest institution of higher education in the field of physical education and sport in Ukraine. Here, training of highly qualified personnel for the field, retraining and advanced training of specialists of various profiles, fundamental and applied scientific research - the results of which are actively implemented in practice - are harmoniously combined with effective sports activities. The pinnacle of which is the preparation of high-class athletes, along with multifaceted international cooperation with numerous partners in Ukraine and other countries worldwide. Among the students of the university are many Olympic champions and prize-winners, and well-known figures in the fields of sport and physical education. Five of them were awarded the highest award of the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic Order, in different years.

Experience in the implementation of educational projects aimed at young people

As a leading institution in sports education, we understand the importance of working together to promote physical activity, healthy living, and cultural exchange. We are actively seeking opportunities to engage our students in international programs, such as volunteering, sports competitions, non-formal learning initiatives, and other projects. Through these programs, our students can gain valuable experiences, develop their leadership skills, and broaden their horizons. Our university is proud to have a long history of successful participation in international programs. We have also hosted international conferences and workshops, providing a platform for experts in sports education and related fields to share knowledge and ideas. In addition to these initiatives, we are committed to fostering a culture of volunteering and community engagement within our university. We encourage our students to get involved in local initiatives such as youth sports programs, charity events, and environmental projects. Through these activities, our students can make a positive impact on their communities and gain valuable skills and experiences. At the National University of Ukraine on Physical Education and Sport, we are dedicated to promoting physical activity, healthy living, and cultural exchange, both at home and abroad. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with partners from around the world and look forward to working together to create a brighter future for our students and anyone interested in sports.


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