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Kretingos r. Wydmantai gymnasium is situated near the Baltic Sea, close to local parks, museums and beaches. The gymnasium is a very friendly community of 368 students and 38 teachers. We have students from the 1st till the 12th grade. We also have a team of specialists who care for students and families from different backgrounds. The gymnasium offers kindergarten, primary, basic and secondary education to all its students. We take part in numerous projects such as Erasmus +, Twinning, Operation Snowball, Lion Quest, various local projects about environment saving, climate changes. In 2019 we won Euroscola project and our students have chance to visit Eu Parliament and to discuss about various world problems (climate change, as we believe that project work involves all students from different backgrounds, teachers and all school communities for a better socializing process. We also have a youth club at our school; our members are very active, creative and friendly. They are interested in creating new things, communicating and developing new relationships with other countries and different cultures. We organize seminars, meetings, lectures, games, role plays - all these activities make our school life more interesting and attractive for everyone.

Experience in the implementation of educational projects aimed at young people

Our school has participated in the following projects: "Eco-project "Green Transport; 21st Century Schools; "Outdoor education* - e Twinning. "Coding is everywhere* - eTwinning.New friends from New Countries* - eTwinning: students from 4th, 5th and 6th grades are involved in this project, which is focused on topics such as self-introduction, hobbies, favorites, sports, likes, dislike, the place where they live, daily routine . Another one project - Creation and implementation of digital education content Naturesciences. The aim is to stimulate pupils* interest in natural sciences and to develop their natural science literacy: to use nature research methods and knowledge and understand of nature, 2018 we took part in the Erasmus KA101 project. We had teacher training courses on early c;hool leaving and inclusive education in Greece. In 2020/2023 we have two Erasmus + projects - KA101 ,, Inclusive education.* and Ka229 . The best achievable results in coding* We are coordinating this project at the moment. We have quite a lot of experience in different projects and can greatly contribute to this project with Poland as well. Our school was included in this program entitled "21st Century Schools*, developing Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Solutions, Digital Skills.


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