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Klaipeda Tourism School is a vocational school which provides lower secondary and secondary education and also prepares tourism, trade and catering specialists (cooks, walters, confectioners, guest service specialists, recreation agents, accountants financial service providers). Each year the school has around 550 students and there are 115 staff members. The age of most students varies from 15 to 21. The school has a dormitory, a restaurant and a wellequipped practical training centre with the newest technologies. since 1998 the school has been participating In various national and international projects, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus+, Nordplus, and other. In 2021 we were awarded Erasmus+ accreditation for 2021-2027 for implementation of high quality international cooperation. In the year of 2022 we are implementing 7 projects as a coordinator or a partner. We have experience in organizing and participating in various activities, involving tears of young people: regional, national and international culinary contests, short term exchanges. On all occasions we are delighted to present our school and country, national identity and learn from others. The school has a potential of students, teachers and staff who are highly motivated and willing to take part in international activities. The school is a member of strong national network of VET schools, Lithuanian Association of Restaurant Chefs and Confectioners, as well as AEHT (European Association of Hotel and Tourism Schools).

Experience in the implementation of educational projects aimed at young people

We have been in regular contact with the partner for about two years with the aim to establish cooperation between schools. The first common activity is the preparation of the project for meeting of the students that was originally planned for 2021, but postponed to 2022 due to panderic. We have exchanged numerous emails to find out information about the partner and have had online meetings The aim was: to share the experience related to students' exchanges; to make the decision about the general idea of the project; to discuss the details of the project such as participants, contact person, place, transport and main activities: to exchange the ideas at every stage of the project; to share partners' experience in international collaboration within the AEHT association (both schools are members); to plan other activities after the project leading to long lasting partnership.


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