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Kharkiv National Medical University (KhNMU) is the oldest medical higher educational institution in Ukraine. It was founded in 1804. Today University has about 6024 students, 2779 of them - international students. KhNMU is a modern multi-type educational establishment with its powerful scientific, material and technical basis, which includes: - 8 faculties, 4 of them are for local students and 3 are for international students and the faculty of Dentistry; - 70 Departments, 48 of which are clinical; - 946 academic staff; - 141 full professors; - 546 PhD; - 98 cooperative international partnerships in over 27 countries; - 80 patents for innovations in average per year; - 60 scientific projects in average per year; - 6 educational, research and production associations such as surgery, therapy, obstetrics and gynecology, radiation oncology, urology and medical genetics; - 2 research institutes, such as the Research Institute of Occupational Hygiene and Occupational Diseases and the Ukrainian Institute of Clinical Genetics; - Educational and Research Institute for Postgraduate Training; - Educational and Scientific Institute for Quality of Education; - University Dental Centre; - University Clinic; - Center for Gender Education; - Medical College. The University is actively involved in global cooperation with international associations, in particular with the International Association of Universities of the World (IAU) and the Organization for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Clinical Medicine in the European Region (ORPHEUS).

Experience in the implementation of educational projects aimed at young people

Over the last 5 years, KhNMU has conducted more than 70 clinical trials, including preclinical trials (trials of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic indicators), clinical Projects / Research Experience trials (studies of dosage regimens, efficacy, safety), post-registration (post-marketing) trials, studies of pharmacoeconomic and pharmaco-epidemiological indicators and life patients. KhNMU staff has an experience in management and participation of complex projects co-financed by the EU. Staff members were/are involved in programmes such as ERASMUS+, The Medical Education Development Project (MED Project), Strengthening Resources for Sustainable Development of Host Communities in Eastern Ukraine (GIZ), CLEAR (Climate change, Environmental contaminants and Reproductive health) (Grant agreement ID: 226217).


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