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Kelme special school is a basic school for children with special education needs. We educate children with severe, moderate and easy mental, movement, learning disabilities, socio-affective and behavioral problems. The school provides primary and basic special education for 7-21 years old SEN persons. Students are taught the main school subjects, also including information technologies, art therapy. Much attention is given to technology education: sewing. knitting, cooking, metalworking and carpentry. Students attend motion correction and speech therapy exercises. Students have many opportunities to develop individual competencies in extra curriculum activities, such as: sport, IT, expressive reading, drama, young carpenters, foresters, housekeeping, music. When they finish our school they can participate in a Day care center for adults and take part in a different social behavior programs. School works 24 hours per day except the weekends. At the same time we pay great attention to their parents and give them methodical information and different kind of consultations.

Experience in the implementation of educational projects aimed at young people

We established cooperation with the "Together to the Goal" Association in 2019. The association works for children and adolescents from the Center in Dabrowa Górnicza, which is attended by people with disabilities. We wrote together the project "Polish and Lithuanian flavours of their lands" gifes on the plate of history. The project received funding and was carried out online due to the pandemic. Since then, we have been in constant contact, we follow our activities through social media and school websites. Our facilities are similar to each other, our activity for disabled youth fosters good cooperation and understanding. We are currently writing another project, we want to implement it through real contact.


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