Jordan Youth Center (Centrum Młodzieży im. dr. H. Jordana)
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Jordan Youth Center (Centrum Młodzieży im. dr. H. Jordana)


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Jordan Youth Centre is a public after-school educational institution operating within the national Polish educational system. We are the largest youth center in Lesser Poland, run by Municipality of Kraków. Since 1952, we have been supporting Kraków children, parents and schools in our joint effort to provide wise and creative ways of spending free time for children and young people. Our goal is to develop interests, nurture passions, and discover one’s talents and skills. We run over 250 regular class groups: artistic, educational, and athletic. They attract over 3000 young participants from Kraków and vicinity each week. Our regular classes are free of charge; participants pay only for the necessary class materials (from 60 to 400 PLN per year - depending on the type of classes). Jordan Youth Center organizes about 150 events, festivals and competitions annually. Jordan Youth Centre takes pride in its long international cooperation. We cooperate with institutions and organizations from all over Europe (including EU and non-EU states) as well as the Caucasus, South Korea, and USA. We organize student exchange programs, competitions, meetings, study visits and cultural events to promote culture of our international partners. The uniqueness of our international program lies in our strong ties and creative collaborations with Polish minorities living abroad, mainly in the former Soviet countries. Every year, we organize literary and artistic contests and camps in Poland to help Polish heritage speakers from abroad to improve their Polish and learn about their ancestors’ country. Jordan Youth Center is home to Paradox studio cinema. We also manage the Leisure Center in Gołkowice Głórne near Stary Sącz (about 70 km from Kraków, foothill area).

Experience in the implementation of educational projects aimed at young people

International cooperation in Jordan Youth Centre has long tradition. We cooperate with institutions and organizations from all over the Europe and Eastern European Countries. Together with our international partners we do youth exchanges, camps, festivals, events, competitions for children and youth, also staff development projects, study visits and many other. We speak English, French, Russian and Ukrainian. Our youth exchanges base on many topics like ecology, sustainability, art, sport, democracy, intercultural learning. To see our projects


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