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NGO "Initiative Youth Network" is a youth NGO. We work with young people aged 14 to 35 and youth workers working with young people. The organization aims to support and develop youth in taking responsibility for developing society at local, national, and international levels. This includes promotion and development of active citizenship, social entrepreneurship, project management and communication skills using non-formal education methods. We collaborate with NGOs and educational institutions at various levels. Our mission is to create a platform for young people and youth workers which will involve a maximum number of youths that will understand and convey information on human rights, to respect human rights and develop on the principles of equality. NGO "Initiative Youth Network" - was established in 2016 in Ukraine (The activity began earlier in 2012. In the beginning, before the creation of the NGO, we were an initiative group). We use non-formal educational methods to achieve the aim that we set. The activities include but are not limited to networking and cooperation; educational projects of different types (e.g., training courses, seminars etc.); awareness raising and policy development; capacity building of youth organizations and organizations/institutions working with young people and youth workers; coaching of initiatives, organizational and individual coaching; personal and professional development; mobility. To pay attention of the local community to actual problems, we organize different promo-activities ? flash mobs, PR campaigns, non-formal meetings and board-game nights. After the Russian aggression, we actively participated in local and national volunteering that aims to raise awareness of young people in helping those who are suffering the most in these circumstances: we are initiated the regional initiative on assisting seniors with their basic needs, together with the Red Cross Organization we are organizing the First Aid Trainings for students. Our Team includes youth workers and volunteers. The approximate number of those who are involved into different organization activities varies around ten people.

Experience in the implementation of educational projects aimed at young people

The organization's goal is to mobilize and support youth in taking responsibility for positive changes in our community through the development and realization of socially essential initiatives. We are focused on active citizenship and social entrepreneurship, bringing culture and education to environments that do not have easy access to them, promoting tolerance, and building bridges between different social groups and communities. The activities include but are not limited to networking and cooperation; "Image theatre," "Forum-theatre," and "Live-Library" workshops; promotional actions, such as flash mobs, non-formal meetings, board-game-nights; meetings with artists and writers; organizing local exhibitions. We regularly initiate and organize training to exchange experiences among youth workers and social activists. We collaborate with NGOs and educational institutions at various levels. In cooperation with the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology of Zaporizhzhya National University (Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine), we created the Youth Voluntary Training Centre. Here most parts of our initiatives take place. Regional libraries, local cultural clubs, schools, and local authorities also host our activities.


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