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We are ngo, which has been operating locally, regionally and internationally since 04.2021. The main goal of our activity is to support education at various grounds including organizing traineeships, courses and trainings for students, teachers and administrative staff from schools and other educational institutions. The Foundation has numerous contacts with companies, schools and other NGOs. Additionally, we act to provide equal opportunities and promote universal education in the field of human rights, equality and non-discrimination. We fight against stereotypes and prejudices. Our mission is to inspire development and active taking up challenges by especially people with fewer opportunities: women, seniors, immigrants and people with disabilities. In addition, we work for sustainable development and promoting ecology and zero waste. We specialize in: - organizing activities for young people; - inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities; - activation of the elderly; - prevention of social exclusion; - education through art; - counteracting cyberbullying; - work for equal opportunities; - supporting entrepreneurship; and undertaking economic activities; - work with students with special educational needs; - creating and organizing alternative forms of spending free time; - organization of apprenticeships, internships and volunteering; - spreading awareness about healthy habits; - promoting the idea of zero waste and pro-ecological habits; - promoting universal education in the field of human rights, equality and non-discrimination; - we fight against stereotypes and prejudices; - we work for sustainable development and promoting ecology.

Experience in the implementation of educational projects aimed at young people

We are young organization with experienced staff. In 2021, we implemented two ecological projects during which: - we were doing workshops on making hedgehog houses; - we conducted exchanges during which the inhabitants of Opole could give the things; that they did not use anymore to other people and in this way achieve the goals of the circular economy; - we conducted workshops on making ecological cleaning products and cosmetics; - we cleaned Opole and much much more. The projects were financed by EU and ministerial funds. People involved in the foundation: Anna Iwańska - president of the PRO FUTURO foundation, philologist of Serbian and English and a graduate of Polish as a foreign language teaching. Privately, a lover of travelling and discovering culinary tastes. Assistant coordinator and coordinator in projects co-financed from EU funds. Speaks English - thanks to which she helps project participants in adapting and solving problems. She is experienced in coordinating project documentation, cultural tours, transport and certificates. Patryk Kujawa activist associated with the foundation, graduate of the Opole University of Technology in the field of Logistics and a graduate of the first degree of Collegium Nobilium of the School for Leaders and the Creative Center of the Opole University. He has extensive experience in the field of social and civic participation and volunteering. The organizer of the first international conference on participation and volunteering in Opole and the originator and creator of the Opole volunteering portal. Local government activist responsible for conducting training courses on social and civic participation, Coordinator of many ministerial and local government projects


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