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Elektr?nu profesinio mokymo centras is a dynamically developing and modern vocational education and (training institution, offering wide range of the initial and continuing vocational training programmes in the sectors of industrial manufacturing, construction, services to person and others. This training institution also I provides the practical training at the recently established sectoral practical training centre in the field of energy. The center offers a wide range of training programmes (up to 26) in the areas of finances, engineering, food, human services, architecture, agriculture, Elektrenai Vocational Training Center has been actively involved in various projects for several years in order to increase the level of international co-operation in the field of N ducation, improve the teaching process, update curricula, raise students' level of intercultural awareness and understanding, community and tolerance. The Erasmus + program, which is administered by the Education Exchange Support Foundation in Lithuania, provides opportunities for pupils and training specialists to go on a trip abroad. The Elektrénai Vocational Training Center has experience in implementing projects related to practical studies in the vocational education and training system. The school, with other VET institutions and business sectors in various sectors, has actively participated in ESF projects aimed at improving students' practical skills, promoting interaction between education and the labor market. Managers and teachers of the Elektrénai Vocational Training Center participated in various national and international projects, coordinated ongoing international projects involving partners from various European Union and Associated countries (Malta, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Great Britain, Latvia, Czech Republic, Germany and etc.). They have experience in research and study projects in the vocational education system and carry out research related to vocational education and training qualifications, competences, qualifications frameworks and systems, lifelong learning, formal and non-formal learning, labor market opportunities, employment opportunities, career management, etc.

Experience in the implementation of educational projects aimed at young people

These partners were recommended to us by the management of the Podlaskie Youth Development Fund Orze?, with whom we implemented many different projects. Our cooperation was at a very good level. The young people did a great job. The partners worked great together. We communicated by email, email and Skype. This is how the idea for the project was born. We conducted a survey of young people and it turned out that your students would be interested in military issues, security in the world, because it is currently being discussed (during the pandemic and what is happening on the border with Belarus). Every citizen should know how to deal with the crisis, how to react and so on. These partners have military units in their school and our students can learn and learn a lot in a professional company. Both sides learn a lot and get to know each other's culture and customs, strengthening ties through non-traditional lcarning that no school can provide. They will become citizens who will adapt to the current world model. Knowing how to react in crisis situations by practicing thematic training.


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