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The main purpose of the organisation is to exercise and protect the rights and freedoms, meet the public interests of citizens regarding social life, economics, culture, environment, sport, information flow, consulting etc. by conducting educational, consulting, informational, academic and other activities that promote raising the level of education and dissemination of knowledge. Tasks of the organisation: - to provide citizens with all possible assistance in expanding and deepening special knowledge and skills, - to promote professional development, as well as improvement of citizens? intellectual life through vocational training and other academic activities, - to provide legal, financial and consulting assistance to citizens, - to organize, conduct or participate in seminars, conferences, exhibitions, lectures and other events aimed at promoting the goals and activities of the organisation? Resources of the organisation - Educational hub "BETC Space" 230 sq.m., which includes 2 classrooms, a library, 4 studies, a hall, a double bathroom, a locker room, its own yard ? an adjacent territory of 700 sq.m., a parking lot, unlimited high-speed Internet, Wi-Fi zone.

Experience in the implementation of educational projects aimed at young people

1) Facilitate the economic participation of vulnerable groups, including IDPs in the Azov region (GIZ) Project ?Social and economic integration program ?Space of your opportunities?. Participants receive comprehensive assistance aimed at improving their lives and leading to economic growth, such as setting a life goal and achieving it, improving their skills, knowledge of employment and entrepreneurship, and learning the Ukrainian language. We create a support space aimed at opening up new opportunities. 2) "Fostering economic participation of vulnerable groups including internally displaced persons (IDP) in the Sea of Azov region" project (GIZ) To assist female entrepreneurs by involving their teenage children or teenagers from vulnerable groups in promoting business through social networks. 3) Program to restore peace and dialogue for Internally Displaced Women "Women Voices Count" (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany) Establish gender equality in society, ensure the implementation of the provisions of UNSCR 1325 in Ukraine, empower women and their voice at the local level. 4) ?UPSHIFT Ukraine? program of the "Providing adolescents with the ability to act as agents of social change" project (UNICEF) To support the development of social entrepreneurship skills in youth and finance the implementation of youth projects. 5) ?Profession for a New Life. Individual Grants for Training? project (ICF "Caritas Ukraine", CRS) To identify and support participants of the project who need help in seeking a new profession and finding a job. 6) ?Economic Empowerment Programme? (IOM) To improve opportunities for self-sufficiency and self-employment of internally displaced persons and residents of regions affected by the conflict to strengthen socio-economic stability and well-being of communities in Ukraine with the help of knowledge and grants provided to start a new business or expand an existing one. 7) "Assistance for IDPs in Ukraine, 2016" project (Caritas Mariupol" with the financial support of Caritas Germany) To improve the quality of life of local people and IDPs in the Donetsk region by providing advice and supporting the business activity of IDPs in the coworking space.


Leporsky street house 13

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