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The public organization "DUIT" was created in February 2021 and was officially registered in September 2022. The main activities of the organization are volunteering, development of the potential of Ukrainian youth, and humanitarian activities. The organization is a youth organization that carries out its main activities on the territory of Dnipropetrovsk and adjacent regions. The organization is also engaged in attracting and distributing non-food humanitarian aid on the territory of the Dnipropetrovsk and Poltava regions for citizens affected by the armed aggression of the Russian Federation. The main activities of the organization are the following: • Work with youth, development of youth policy in the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine; • Informal education, conducting trainings, simulation games, seminars, lectures, etc.; • Providing humanitarian and psychological assistance to internally displaced persons, ensuring their integration into society; • Organization of cultural leisure for youth and IDPs; • Conducting cultural and artistic events; • Support of other youth initiatives and organizations • Since the summer, the direction of ensuring the work of the Public Center in the city of Dnipro has been added. The mission of the organization is to develop the creative, social, professional, entrepreneurial potential of Ukrainian youth through public and volunteer activities.

Experience in the implementation of educational projects aimed at young people

Implemented projects: 1. Simulation games "Simulating the work of the local council" (4 events were held) Result: the event reached more than 100 people who developed their soft skills, improved their negotiation skills, learned about the functioning of the structure of local self-government bodies and their mechanism of interaction with society and business. The participants also learned and learned how to use participation tools (writing petitions, participation budgets, appeals to citizens and reception of deputies) 2. Trainings "The structure of authorities and how it works", "Critical thinking and media literacy", "Project Management" Result: young people learned not to get lost in the mass media's flood of lies and how to protect themselves from manipulation, acquired the skills necessary to identify propaganda and ways to overcome it. Also, young people showed their logistical and strategic qualities in solving controversial situations and developed their soft skills. 5. Project "Statesmen - internship in the management of youth and sports of the Dnipropetrovsk State Administration" The result: more than 40 youth representatives acquired the skills of working as a civil servant and learned about the working mechanisms of the Dnipro Regional State Administration. Coverage in social networks: 6. Game libraries (a total of 46 game evenings were held) Result: no less than 2300 young people developed soft skills, spent cultural leisure time, helped active youth to form various initiative groups for the implementation of their own initiatives thanks to networking, developed time management skills. 7. Movie nights and book clubs 8. Play libraries and master classes for internally displaced persons. Result: game centers helped IDP youth integrate into society, relieve stress and tension. 9. School of grant writing Result: the participants listened to 6 interesting lectures lasting more than 15 hours, learned to plan and implement projects, learned about the nuances of working with applications, financing and communication, viability and success of the grant, developed communication and partnership skills and formed initiative groups to implement their own initiatives thanks to networking. All events are covered on our pages in social networks:


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