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Cultural Centre of Salcininkai District Manicipality


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The Cultural Center is a self-government unit that is obliged to provide cultural and cultural activities, restructurina and education of culturo as well as teaching educalional programs and cultural needs of residents. The Cultural Center of the Self-Government of the Solecznik Region in its organization has 12 branches. The preservation of folk traditions, song and dance, and success are nurtured by folk social organizations operating at the Cultural Center. The Cultural Center conducts trainings, workshops, and organizes seminars for children, teenagers and adults. About over a year, due to the pandemic of the company's activities, it was transferred to the Internet.

Experience in the implementation of educational projects aimed at young people

The Cultural Center in Soleczniki carries out tasks in the field of artistic education of children, adolescents and adults by organizing free time, conducting various activities and interest clubs, supporting ethnic and amateur creativity, promoting their achievements through the possibility of participating in projects at the regional, national level, but also international. For many years he has been the organizer of numerous cultural events in the Saltininkal region, the largest ones include: the "Song of Solczy" Foklor Festival in Soleczniki, the "Music in the Balinski Palace" Festival in Jaszuny, the International Festival of Choral Music in Ejszyszki, the International Festival of Street Theaters in Soleczniki, Night Swietojanska in Jaszuny, Zielna in Turgielach, Summer Art School in Soleczniki, Harvest Festival in Soleczniki and others. The Cultural Center of the Self-Government of the Solecznik Region conducts a very wide cooperation abroad, cooperates with many institutions in the field of cultural development, both on the western and eastern side of the border. With the Artchata Foundation, the Cultural Center implemented the Art of Desin project as part of the Erasmus+ Program. The cooperation was very good and that is why we would like to continue it.


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