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Center for Educational Initiatives (CEI) was founded in March 1996. Educators wished to establish an organization which would proliferate the innovative ideas in the sphere of education, especially in the high schools. CEI has changed from organization which has been concentrated only on activities aimed at pupils and teachers from high schools into a centre which unites socially active and society oriented citizens. At the present stage the main mission of the CEI is to create society of interested and active citizens. This aim is being achieved by starting various initiatives in the sphere of education, science and culture. In the previous years, the work of CEI has been focused on: - building local partnerships between state, citizens and business structures - supporting the innovations in the educational and civic spheres - development of the voluntary service

Experience in the implementation of educational projects aimed at young people

In 2007 our organization have started to host and send volunteers with the aim to give intercultural and cross-border dimension to the local educational and youth projects. Volunteer?s activity has been focused on developing of non-formal educational experience with youth and for youth, as well to enable intercultural communication within local youth clubs, supported by CEI. Our organisation is involved into organisation and taking part in different seminars, trainings and youth exchanges. The main goal of which is to break the stereotypes and to develop a new contacts with organisations and young people from European countries, Eastern Europe and Caucasus. On those activities young people have a possibility to travel and focus on intercultural dimension of self-development. The project coordinator of the organisation has a big experience in the realization of such projects. The participants are geting a qualitative and methodological help during the process of the preparation and realisation of the project (in the field of non-formal and civic education).


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