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Caritas of the Archdiocese of Gdansk (CAG) is a church charity organization established on 25 April 1990. The organisation brings help to every single person in need regardles worldview, religion, gender, age or health status. The purpose of the organization's activities: charitable and humanitarian activities in the spiritual and material needs of people. Main groups of people who are supported by CAG: - youth and children (from communities at risk of social exclusion), - elderly people, - people with disabilities (including mental disabilities), - poor and homeless people, - sick people, - mothers with babies without place to live. CAG supported by employees, volunteers, church members and school caritas group is providing stable help to many people by it’s various activities. The main ones are following: - run the canteen and bathhouse for poor and homeless, - run therapy centers for people with disabilities where they can achieve educational, social and psychological suport, - run common rooms and centers for children and youth where they can get help with their school homework and spend free time with youth leader organizing different activities such as sport, outdoor, preventive classes in the field of counteracting addictions, organizing summer and winter camps for youth and children from disadvantage families, run seniors’ clubs, run a hospice, running a center for people chronically ill people where they receive proffesional medical support and rehabilitation assistance, and daily care, running a center for mothers with their babies in hard situations (for exmple without any place to live or without any family support).

Experience in the implementation of educational projects aimed at young people

Caritas of the Archdiocese of Gdansk (CAG) has been involved in many national and. international projects connected with volunteering. CAG run a Voluntary Center for youth and adults who want to help other people. CAG coordinates work of few hundreds volunteers who work in our centers or take part in occasional actions. From 2005 CAG hosted nearly 100 young people who have come to Poland within 13 long-term EVS projects from different coutries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Portugal, France, Finland, Armenia etc. Volunteers groups which came to Threecity usually counted 9 persons at a time. They were involved in activities in our centers working with children, youth, elderly and people with disabilites. The recently completed project is "Stop second - enter our new world" contract no. 2016-2-PL01-KA105-026988, we are currently implementing the "Wings of change" contract No. 2017-2-Pl01-KA105-039190. In addition, Caritas of the Archdiocese of Gdansk runs the Caritas Volunteer Center and supervises the work of Caritas School Circles, recruiting, training and encouraging young people to be active for other people as part of long-term and short-term volunteering. Currently, the Volunteer Center cooperates with over 100 volunteers and coordinates the work of dozens of School Circles. Caritas of the Archdiocese of Gdansk also has experience in the implementation of transnational projects, financed from European funds, eg J@mp school, Social keys and others focused on the development of non-formal and informal forms learning and supporting young people with learning difficulties or problems on labor market.


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